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Associations between high prepregnancy body mass index, breast-milk expression, and breast-milk production and feeding. Breast-milk expression is widely practiced by American mothers, but little is known about who expresses milk , how expression affects breastfeeding, or whether overweight or obese women, who have less breastfeeding success than do normal-weight women, express milk differently. Longitudinal and cross-sectional data were analyzed by using regression procedures adjusted for confounding. Women of different BMI categories overall did not differ in whether, when, or why they expressed breast milk. In addition, overweight or obesity was associated P milk production only in women who never expressed milk.

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Body measures and milk production , milk fat globules granulometry and milk fatty acid content in Cabannina cattle breed. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Aim of the study was to achieve scientific information about body measures and milk production of Cabannina cattle, a local breed reared in northern Italy. Fourteen body measures and five morphologic indexes were recorded from 86 heads enrolled in the herd book. Low differences between males and females of the same age-class were shown. Body measures were generally greater than those reported in previous studies, probably due to recent crosses. With reference to milk production , test-day records from lactations of 59 cows were analysed.

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Automatic milking systems , farm size, and milk production. Automatic milking systems AMS offer relief from the demanding routine of milking. A farm-simulation model was used to determine the long-term, whole-farm effect of implementing AMS on farm sizes of 30 to cows. Highest farm net return to management and unpaid factors was when AMS were used at maximal milking capacity. Adding stalls to increase milking frequency and possibly increase production generally did not improve net return.
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