How are penis sizes measured

Measuring penises is both easy and complicated for several reasons. While the BJUI study is one of the most recent, the researchers add that, like all other studies, the participants in them might not represent the real diversity of penises in the world. A lot of these studies are made mostly in Europe and North America, although there are several from other countries. But in any country, researchers are always afraid about the possibility that the only men that agree to have their penises measured are those confident in their size in the first place. Nevertheless, most studies try to get a varied set of volunteers and measure everybody in a standardized way. And by using a disposable tape measurer.
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Human penis size

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How to measure penis size, length and circumference | Penis sizes

In there is still a lot of click bait articles and bogus data on penis size, which is unfortunate. We try to overcome it by looking seriously into the data. We provide up-to-date, accurate information about penis matters ranging from average penis sizes to penis enlargement. Bogus claims may lead to men making misinformed decisions. Therefore it is important to know how to measure penis size, both length and girth circumference. There is only one proper way to measure penis size, the method used in sexual and urinary medicine. Penis size is often the cause for concern for men.

There’s Only One Correct Way to Measure a Penis

Now, a new study could assuage such worries with what may be the most accurate penis-size measurements to date. So when Veale and his team set out to settle the score on penile proportions, they decided to compile data from clinicians who followed a standardized measuring procedure. Published today in the British Journal of Urology International , their new study synthesizes data from 17 previous academic papers that included measurements from a total of 15, men from around the world. The data enabled the researchers to calculate averages and model the estimated distribution of penile dimensions across humanity. The corresponding girth measurements are 9.
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