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O ne of the clearest takeaways from the Democratic presidential debate in Houston last week is that the party has a Joe Biden problem. As the frontrunner, Biden has blocked other moderate candidates from making a credible case for the nomination, while his amorphous and uninspiring centrism makes it more likely that the eventual Democratic nominee may end up going too far left to defeat Donald Trump in In Houston, Biden was more focused and forceful than he had been in previous debates — although that was a low bar to clear. He was at his most effective when critiquing the Medicare for All plan , chiding Bernie Sanders for the astronomically high cost of the proposal and Elizabeth Warren for her unwillingness to admit it would impose any financial burdens on middle-class taxpayers. But he did call attention to the fact that he was the only candidate to have defeated the NRA in the legislative arena, when he secured passage of the Brady bill requiring background checks for firearms purchases. At the Houston debates, some of the most progressive candidates went out of their way to praise Obama — a significant shift from the previous debates, when they treated his legacy with something approaching disdain.
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Sanders supporters may send unforgettable message in November -

Please consider supporting an organization working on police accountability, additional resources on the movement and how you can get involved can be found here. For four long decades progressives—Americans who put people before profits—have been living in the political wilderness. Figuring lefties had nowhere else to go, party leadership took them for granted, ignoring their desire for a stronger social safety net and fewer military adventures in favor of a pro-corporate agenda. What other choice did they have, vote Republican?
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Sanders supporters may send unforgettable message in November

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The civil war in the Democratic Party between old-school liberals and progressive firebrands heated up last week, leaving establishment forces in full retreat. What began as an attempted gentle slap directed at a freshman member who was offending the powers that be turned into a rout, leaving progressive forces commanding the field. On Thursday, the House passed a nonbinding anti-hate speech resolution that under ordinary circumstances would hardly be news.
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